Organising Committee

Organising Chairperson

A/Prof Sharon Wong

Organizing Committee members

Ms Sin Sze YarnVice Chairperson (Singapore)
Ms Jeannie Lin (Singapore)
Ms Nurul Tassha (Singapore)
Ms Lim Liyun (Singapore)
Mr Muhammad Tarmizi (Singapore)
Mr Tan Han Min (Singapore)
Ms Azizah Mohd Afif (Singapore)
Ms Joyce Tan (Singapore)
Mr Ho Guan Da (Singapore)

Scientific Program Committee members (International)

Dr Kristie Matthews (Australia)
Dr Caroline Wright (Australia)
Ms Mary Job (Australia)
Dr Nigel Anderson (Australia)

Mr James Harcus (United Kingdom)
Dr Rachel Harris (United Kingdom, Society and College of Radiographers)
Dr Nicholas Woznitza (United Kingdom)
Ms Jo McNamara (United Kingdom)

Ms Kitty Chan (Canada)
Ms Carly McCuaig (Canada, Editor of JMIRS)


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